Loose Ends Page 11

I would love to have a basement as spacious as Chloe’s dad has for all of his experiments and gadgets. Currently I have no basement at all. So I keep the time machine in the shed. So far it’s really good at making an hour or so disappear without my noticing. I call it ADHD.

Loose Ends Page 10

The Warthog is a parrothead. His go-to karaoke song is “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

Loose Ends Page 5

One of my favorite words is “penny-farthing”, which is really two words, “penny” and “farthing” (English coins) put together. To my modern ears it doesn’t connote “bicycle” but something you would drink, a liqueur or a sherry. Or a unit of measure no one uses anymore.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia, of course)

Look how proud he is, like he’s bought a muscle car.