Up in the Air Posted


The second story line in Wanderlost, Up in the Air, has been posted, so all 24 pages are online. You can start reading the story here.

As I uploaded these pages today, I rediscovered how much fun I had had drawing them. At that time, due to personal landmarks (birth of a child, starting grad school, etc.), completing Into the Woods had taken me three years — much longer than I had anticipated when I started out in 2002. So when I got the opportunity to start a new story, I dived into it eagerly. My only regret at the time was that I could not add color to it — I was still in graduate school, so I cut corners to save time, and published the pages in black and white. For a long time I had considered going back and adding color (and who knows, I still might), but I like the way they look. Nowadays I might add more black spotting, more shadows. Yet all in all, not bad.

Into the Woods Uploaded

The first story, Into the Woods, is now uploaded and complete. You can start reading it here and find the archive (in reverse chronological order) here.

The page navigation seems to break down between pages 24 – 27, then picks back up from there. I have no idea why. Something must be buggy with the Comic Easel theme. Hopefully that gets fixed. If I find a patch, I’ll see if I can fix the problem, but I’m a little limited by what WordPress allows on its .com platform.

I will keep uploading stories until I run out over the next couple of weeks. When a new story is completed, I’ll write about it in Updates.

Sheldon Has Moved


That pig is always moving. This time he moved from his self-hosted site to a subdomain on mooretoons.com to now a subdomain on wordpress.com. Why? Because hackers, that’s why. Too many people think it’s a good idea to inject malware into a site and try to get the personal information of anyone who comes by. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like that. So I have moved Wanderlost to a new location, where visitors can read of Sheldon’s adventures without fear of getting their IDs ripped off. I want you to enjoy your time here and I don’t want to have to constantly maintain a site for a story that is essentially complete. I may return to creating new stories for Sheldon, Chloe, Mr. Guzek, et al., but not in the near future. If I do, this site will be the first to tell you.

Cheers! And happy wanderings.