Loose Ends Page 16

And here it is. The final page of Wanderlost.

At least of its original run. When I started this archive project a few years ago, I expected to finish up within a year. But life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans, as someone once sang long ago.

Along the way I have begun thinking of new Wanderlost stories. I have an outline, some plot summaries. But nothing has been drawn yet. I am still working on another webcomic series, Fetch, which won’t wrap up for awhile.

I began drawing Sheldon as a little pig on a napkin when I was out to brunch with some friends in 2002. My friend Steve thought the pig was cute and suggested I develop him as a character. I named him Sheldon and started a webcomic by that name. Eventually I changed the name to Wanderlost, because some readers were confusing the strip with a much more popular webcomic. (I think Dave Kellett forwarded me fan mail intended for me that got sent him by mistake. Or vice-versa? It’s been 20 years. I remember Dave being very gracious about it, either way.)

In 2004 Wanderlost joined the Modern Tales of webcomics founded by the late great Joey Manley, who passed on editorship to the great (and living) Shaenon Garrity. There the webcomic ran for many years until Modern Tales folded shop. I kept up Wanderlost in 6 month fits and starts until late 2014, when this page originally appeared.

Having finished this archive, I will be collecting these pages into a single volume for print. I don’t have definite plans yet, but either a small publisher or self publishing via crowdfunding. Stay tuned!

And thank you to everyone who has enjoyed and supported Wanderlost lo these many years.

Loose Ends Page 11

I would love to have a basement as spacious as Chloe’s dad has for all of his experiments and gadgets. Currently I have no basement at all. So I keep the time machine in the shed. So far it’s really good at making an hour or so disappear without my noticing. I call it ADHD.

Loose Ends Page 10

The Warthog is a parrothead. His go-to karaoke song is “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”