Up in the Air Posted


The second story line in Wanderlost, Up in the Air, has been posted, so all 24 pages are online. You can start reading the story here.

As I uploaded these pages today, I rediscovered how much fun I had had drawing them. At that time, due to personal landmarks (birth of a child, starting grad school, etc.), completing Into the Woods had taken me three years — much longer than I had anticipated when I started out in 2002. So when I got the opportunity to start a new story, I dived into it eagerly. My only regret at the time was that I could not add color to it — I was still in graduate school, so I cut corners to save time, and published the pages in black and white. For a long time I had considered going back and adding color (and who knows, I still might), but I like the way they look. Nowadays I might add more black spotting, more shadows. Yet all in all, not bad.

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