Tongue-Tied Page 3

Whenever I went to the therapist I had this small fear they might take me away and throw me in a padded cell forever. This might be rooted in “They’re Coming to Take Me Away” and the Pink Panther movies in which Herbert Lom’s Chief Inspector Dreyfus is driven mad by Inspector Clouseau’s bumbling.

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Tongue-Tied — Page 1

It’s a new page of Wanderlost! And a new chapter: “Tongue-Tied”!

Well, not really new. This was originally published at Modern Tales ten years ago, but as with the rest of Wanderlost stories, “Tongue-Tied” disappeared when a) Modern Tales folded, and b) my original website was hacked, forcing me to kill it.

Since then I have been going through the old files and have started making color corrections. This is especially true of this chapter. Ten years ago I was balancing full time employment with raising small kids, and I sometimes went too hasty in my color selections. Looking at them now, I realized they were terrible, so I have spent some time changing colors, adjusting hues, and adding colors to pages that were originally published in black and white due to time pressures. That’s why it has taken some time for me to get this pages back on the Web. I felt like there was no point in republishing old mistakes that could be corrected. Readers deserve better IMHO.

In other news, I should mention that I have started writing new Wanderlost stories. I won’t say when I will start posting them, because I am still working on Otherworldly Goods, starring Fetch. But I will let you know when I feel like I’m ready to set a firm deadline and a production schedule. Cheers!

Grounded Posted

This happened almost a year ago, but time is a fluid concept invented by humans to give shape to the endless void, so why worry about it?

Anyway, you can start reading “Grounded” from page 1 here.

The fourth story, “Tongue Tied” will post as soon as I correct the color of some pages that has bothered me for years. Sorry to get all George Lucas on it, but this is necessary.

Grounded Page 16

The first time Sheldon ever speaks a language made of letters instead of pictograms.

And that’s the end of the Grounded storyline. I will post the next one soon: Tongue-Tied, wherein Sheldon meets a psychologist. It doesn’t go well, but it should be fun.