Tongue-Tied is (Re)Launched

I can’t believe a year passed the deadline I set for this, so I apologize. It was a truly busy year, involving preparing my mother’s house for sale three thousand miles away from where I live. All that is fortunately over. I have been primarily focused on keeping the Fetch story “Otherworldly Goods” on a weekly schedule and so far — success! However, I have been recoloring pages of Tongue-Tied, the latest chapter of Wanderlost to republish, so that it looks better, reads better, and in a few cases, gets color period.

Start reading Tongue-Tied here!

I posted the first page on Friday, and the second today, Monday. I will try to get these up every Mon-Wed-Fr until the chapter ends.

Then we can start a new upload of old chapters. Wheee!

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