Out to Sea – Page 14

We could all use some much needed rest, little pig.

I hope y’all are managing during this pandemic crisis. It has really brought out some of the best in people, even as it reveals some of the worst aspects of our social inequities. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it. Or to help people in need if you can. Stay home as much as possible, keep washing those hands!

Out to Sea – Page 10

Back to republishing old Wanderlost stories. I got derailed last week when I came down with what mostly likely was the flu. My doctor called it a “viral infection” — which, given the current concerns over coronavirus, was not reassuring. I was laid up for most of last week with a fever temperature ranging between 99-102. I finally overcame it by midweek, but it took another few days for my body to recover. I finally feel normal again. Thanks for your patience!