Long Way From Home – Page 2

Far from the deserted island where Sheldon and Chloe are stuck, the search for them remains relentless for the animals back home. Well, for most of them, anyway.

Search Party — Page 26

Ever the devoted father.

Happy 2020! I think? I hope it gets happier. I’ve been cringing since last week.

Only a few more pages left of this story, which will end next week. And then on to the next one: “Out to Sea!”

Search Party — Page 2

A few stylistic changes you might notice with this story: digital lettering, and more use of brush over pen. Page dimensions changed over time, too, as I sought to fit more action and drawing on to the page. I chose digital lettering mostly because my hand was getting cramped lettering the traditional way. A few years later I would resume lettering by hand for a few years, but then cramping got worse, so these days I am back to lettering on a computer, and drawing in a total digital environment, too, as you can see with the Otherworldly Goods story of Fetch. Drawing on larger pages allowed for a lot more experimentation, too.

Search Party — Page 1

It’s a new story line! Search Party starts today, focusing on the farm’s efforts to find Sheldon.

As we can see, Paw Pig searches for his son with the same sense of urgency he had the last time Sheldon went missing.