Search Party — Page 26

Ever the devoted father.

Happy 2020! I think? I hope it gets happier. I’ve been cringing since last week.

Only a few more pages left of this story, which will end next week. And then on to the next one: “Out to Sea!”

Search Party — Page 25

Just in time for Christmas Eve and Hannakuh, here is a mother pig sad that her child is missing. “It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr….”

Search Party — Page 3

I am a bit behind on updating this week due to a big move to my new house. Despite setting up an internet connection on the day of the move, I could not get to setting up my computer until yesterday, when I discovered I could not plug in the computer until I bought a three prong adapter, which I could not buy until this morning because I have had so many things to buy lately. For want of a nail, the war was lost. Well, it’s not that tragic. Tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled M-W-F updates. Cheers!

Tongue-Tied — Page 16

Can we really trust rabbits? Seem pretty harmless, don’t they? But what if they are in fact a menace to society?!