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Not everyone shares your concerns, good doctor.

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but the beginning of the fall term disrupted the workflow. Whoops!

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I am a bit behind on updating this week due to a big move to my new house. Despite setting up an internet connection on the day of the move, I could not get to setting up my computer until yesterday, when I discovered I could not plug in the computer until I bought a three prong adapter, which I could not buy until this morning because I have had so many things to buy lately. For want of a nail, the war was lost. Well, it’s not that tragic. Tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled M-W-F updates. Cheers!

Search Party — Page 2

A few stylistic changes you might notice with this story: digital lettering, and more use of brush over pen. Page dimensions changed over time, too, as I sought to fit more action and drawing on to the page. I chose digital lettering mostly because my hand was getting cramped lettering the traditional way. A few years later I would resume lettering by hand for a few years, but then cramping got worse, so these days I am back to lettering on a computer, and drawing in a total digital environment, too, as you can see with the Otherworldly Goods story of Fetch. Drawing on larger pages allowed for a lot more experimentation, too.