Search Party — Page 5

Not everyone shares your concerns, good doctor.

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but the beginning of the fall term disrupted the workflow. Whoops!

Search Party — Page 3

I am a bit behind on updating this week due to a big move to my new house. Despite setting up an internet connection on the day of the move, I could not get to setting up my computer until yesterday, when I discovered I could not plug in the computer until I bought a three prong adapter, which I could not buy until this morning because I have had so many things to buy lately. For want of a nail, the war was lost. Well, it’s not that tragic. Tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled M-W-F updates. Cheers!

Tongue-Tied — Page 16

Can we really trust rabbits? Seem pretty harmless, don’t they? But what if they are in fact a menace to society?!

Tongue-Tied — Page 12

Dancing bunnies are shocking, indeed.

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