Tongue-Tied – page 23

If you injure your friends, you get stuck with the bill. Only fair.

And that wraps up this story line. Stay tuned for “Search Party”, starting Wednesday.

Bat-Pig and Robin Pinup

Sometimes I forget I do a thing. Rummaging through my archives I stumbled upon this pinup I drew in 2012, inspired by the then recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. I liked the movie, but I confess the Adam West-Burt Ward era remains my favorite of all the screen adaptations. Which is probably why this is so silly. I still adore it.

Tongue-Tied Page 9

One thing you cannot avoid as a parent is embarrassing your kids in front of their friends, no matter how hard you try. Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t try. Just don’t be surprised when your kid groans and rolls their eyes.

Tongue-Tied — Page 8

Should Dr. Guzek get a tattoo?

This page was originally published back when kids still blogged. Today Chloe and her friend would chat via Instagram and rarely leave the house.

Grounded Page 1

“Grounded” is the third story line in the Wanderlost webcomic series. It initially ran from June to September 2007. A mere ten years ago as of this posting! Wow. “Let’s do the time warp agaaaiinnn.” Anyway, I like this story, even if it is shorter than the others. I hadn’t read it in a long time, so I forgot most of the jokes and plot points. This story is also the one where I developed the family dysfunctions Sheldon experiences (and contributes to, in some ways). That sets up pretty much the story lines through to the end of the series. So it wound up becoming a much more significant story than I had originally intended. Writing can be like that.