Tongue-Tied — Page 13

Waiting room magazines kill brain cells.

Note about the magazine cover: I based it on an issue of O I saw in the grocery store. And my adoration of corgis.

This page should have appeared yesterday, but I forgot that Friday=post Wanderlost day. Fortunately a fan saying nice things about my stuff reminded me. (Thanks, Paul!)

So what I’m saying is heap praise upon me if you want more comics. No, that’s not what I’m saying. But please feel free to share pages you like on the Media of Social.

Tongue-Tied — Page 12

Dancing bunnies are shocking, indeed.

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Tongue-Tied Page 9

One thing you cannot avoid as a parent is embarrassing your kids in front of their friends, no matter how hard you try. Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t try. Just don’t be surprised when your kid groans and rolls their eyes.

Tongue-Tied — Page 8

Should Dr. Guzek get a tattoo?

This page was originally published back when kids still blogged. Today Chloe and her friend would chat via Instagram and rarely leave the house.