Long Way From Home – Page 2

Far from the deserted island where Sheldon and Chloe are stuck, the search for them remains relentless for the animals back home. Well, for most of them, anyway.

Long Way From Home – Page 1

And so begins a new story of Wanderlost — “Long Way From Home.”

At the time I wrote this I was fascinated by the reproductive cycle of sea turtles, who journey thousands of leagues through the ocean to drop their eggs in certain spots where they are most vulnerable to predators. We can’t really talk about “evolutionary advantage” here. It’s just dumb luck they’ve survived millions of years. It’s pretty bad luck that human expansion and technology — not to mention garbage — have encroached upon their habitats and contributed to their decline. If you’re feeling generous, the World Wildlife Fund has a donation page to help preserve sea turtles.